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3D Printing Technologies Materials and Markets

 Rick Vogelei
Description: 3D Printing:Opportunities Abound:- What is 3D printing? - The creation of a physical product by adding material layer by layer, rather than by a subtractive technique like machining. Technologies and Materials. Market Players/Disruptors - 3D Printing Market, 3D Printer Manufacturers, HP - Disruptive Technology? - Multi-jet Fusion, Full-color, 10X faster at lower cost, Continuous printing, Fast cooling processes, Proprietary multi-agents fused together,Available late 2016-2017.
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3D Printing:
July 14, 2016


What is 3D printing?
Technologies and Materials
Market Players/Disruptors
Advantages and Take-aways

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3D print Yoda,
you will!

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What is 3D Printing?
aka … Additive Manufacturing
The creation of a physical
product by ... See more

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