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3D Holographic Display Technologies

 Chien-Yu Chen, PhD
Description: Introduction to holography:- Holography is proposed by D.Gabor in 1948, it initially aimed at solving the resolution problem of electron microscope with coaxial holography (Inline Hologram) . Because of the invention of the coherent light source (laser) (1964), holography was able to be realized. The difficulties of holography 1.The photosensitive material formulations, 2.The diffraction efficiency is vulnerable to decay after a long time. In recent years, the development of holography gradually toward to digital holography and computer generated holography.
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Domain: Electronics
Category: Displays
Semiconductor Analytics
ICC Display and 3D Print Meeting
Taipei 2016

Introduction to 3D Holographic Display
Prof. Chien-Yu Chen
Graduate Institute of Color and Illumination Technology
National Taiwan University of Science & Technology





• Introduction to holography
• The research teams of CGH
• CGH researched in my team

• The future of CGH


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