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Printed & Flexible Electronics, a market perspective

 JC Eloy
Description: In the next several years, the number of applications using printing processes for Flexible Electronics will grow. Market drivers for flexible and printed electronics are different, even though manufacturing processes and end applications share similarities.Main market drivers for flexible electronics are: The possibility to add new functionalities, Conformability for OPV (energy harvesting) . Conformability for OLED lighting (for the automotive industry), Robustness for small OLED displays (for smart phones & tablets) , The possibility to create new applications: Wearable electronics. Flexible electronics is NOT meant to be low-cost, and usually uses expensive processes (MOCVD, evaporation). The main market driver for printed electronics is: Cost reduction due to high volume (roll-to-roll) manufacturing or by using fewer expensive manufacturing processes (MOCVD, evaporation):Potentially lower cost OLED TVs could be built if solution-based manufacturing is mastered and potentially low cost OPV could appear if technical challenges are leveraged, Up to 30% cost reduction. Example of Sensing Application: NextInput Touchscreen, NextInput ForceTouch is the integration of MEMS force sensors into flexible polymers. This allows accurate multi-touch detection even under an OLED display. This touchscreen can be used with gloves on for example, and adds a 3rd dimension: the applied force. Example of Sensing Application: ISORG, Organic and Printed Electronic devices for large-area photonics and image sensors. Converts plastic and glass surfaces into smart surfaces. New generation of opto-electronic sensors with 3D product integration capability recognizing shapes and form factors. OLED Displays: Two main categories: Small displays (for mobile phone & tablet/laptop applications) Large displays (for TV applications) . With different technology roadmaps & market drivers. Main drivers include new features for small display (linked to flexibility) and lower cost for large display (linked to printability).
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Printed & Flexible Electronics, a market perspective
JC Eloy, eloy@yole.fr

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