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Pluggable Display Post Processing Framework

 Sameer KP
Description: What is Display Post Processing (DPP)- Specific display panels or interfaces might need special processing for various reasons ranging from functional to quality. E.g.: Dithering of 24bpp to 18bpp low cost panel (to reduce banding), YCbCr instead of RGB, Ensuring colors are mapped accurately to panel color gamut to provide a better shopping experience, etc. Collectively one can call these requirements as “Display Post Processing” or DPP: It has been there in some form or other for a while. Historical Needs for Display Post Processing- Functional requirements, e.g.: Set top box vendors prefer YCbCr output than RGB: Helps with blacker-than-black and whiter-than-white content, Supporting operating system or web page minimum resolution needs with smaller panels. Historical Needs for Display Post Processing (Contd.)- Image quality- Dithering on 18bpp panel to reduce banding issues,Color gamut manipulation on narrow/wide gamut panel, Panel gamma calibration. OEM differentiation- Enhance color based on ambient environment, Increase color saturation of a narrow gamut panel, Sharpness control for desktop. Portrait panels are used in a tablet due to multiple reasons: Hold like a mobile, Cost factor, inventory utilization etc. By default when connected to a HDMI * TV, image appearance on tablet is not ideal. GPU needs to rotate on tablet to get the best user experience. Display Hardware Challenges for Post Processing- A fixed hardware unit in display hardware pipeline can implement some of the DPP features. At some point hardware might design a color space conversion unit in this pipeline to meet specific market needs (e.g., YCbCr output). Display Post Processing (DPP) Pluggable IP Framework with Intel® Processor Graphics- Custom IP which is pluggable to software driver, Automatically applied to desktop content, Using unique IP OEM’s can add differentiation, Framework is integrated with display related events (e.g., ambient light change). DPP Capabilities- Secured plug-in framework: Authenticated plug-ins alone can get plugged in, No access to frame buffer, plug-in can just provide the logic to execute. 6-Axis Color Control- 6-axis color control can adjust colors along: Red/Green/Blue/Cyan/Magenta/Yellow.
Views: 1994
Domain: Electronics
Category: Displays
Contributing Organization: Intel Developer Forum
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Intel® Processor Graphics:
Pluggable Display Post Processing Framework
Sameer KP – Platform Architect, Intel Corporation


• Historical needs for display post processing
• Display hardware challenges for post processing
• Pluggable IP framework with Intel® Processor Graphics
• Example features
• Live demo
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