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Power Optimization In Intel Graphics Technology

 Jason Ross, Clifton Robin
Description: The Transition: Yesterday- Physically big - lots of cooling, Often plugged in; Today- Smaller, thinner, lighter, much less cooling, May have smaller voltage regulators; Power Limits are a first-order consideration when designing today’s computing devices! Strong Desire for More Performance: More compelling experiences, More computation in a smaller package!, High-DPI “retinal” displays = 2-4x more pixels, Range of visual experiences covers 2D, 3D, media, Combined together - All-day computing at higher performance!
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Power Optimization in Intel® Graphics
Technology, Gen9
Jason Ross – Principal Engineer, Intel Corporation
Clifton Robin – Senior Architecture Specialist, Intel Corporation

• Today’s World
• A Little Physics: Why Today’s World Requires New Optimizations
• Optimizing Intel® Graphics Architecture

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