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Reflective Color LCD Core Technology

 Shuji Aruga
Description: Medium-term Management Goals:3 years: Achieve an overwhelming leading position in the smartphone market, 5 years: More than 30% of sales derived from non-mobile display business (automotive, reflective LCD, OLED). Business development:JDI’s Reflective Color LCD Core Technology-Short battery life for mobile devices, Poor visibility outdoors, Reflective LCD solves transmissive LCD problems. Benefit of Reflective LCD-Ultra-Low Power:Backlight unnecessary in illuminated areas -> Saves power, Memory in Pixel (MIP) -> More power saving. What is “Memory in Pixel” (MIP)! Each pixel has built-in-memory (SRAM*), Data writing to memory for each frame unnecessary as each pixel holds data, Result: ultra-low power consumption, Uses LTPS-CMOS technology. JDI Core Technology-Summary:JDI will make changes to everyday life through innovations in reflective color LCD, Problems for customers-Battery runs out quickly,Poor visibility in sunlight,Problems with transmissive LCD,Problems with OLED(self-luminous). Wearable Devices:Target mkt: Sports watches/health care products, leveraging MIP’s low-power consumption-High visibility and long battery life requirements fulfilled. Industrial Devices:Target mkt: Industrial products used outdoors and/or with batteries-High visibility and color display for outdoor use Long battery life, light/small form factor. Electronic Shelf Label and PoP:Target mkt: Supermarkets, convenience stores, drug stores, high-class specialty stores (liquor, meat, fresh foods, etc.)-Effective ads with color display. Special-Purpose PC Monitors and Readers:Target mkt: Office-use devices requiring intensive reading, eco-responsive PC monitors and lightweight tablets-Reduces eye strain, eco-friendly and lightweight. Touch Panel Application (1):Multilingual information guides and provision of various smartphone services. Touch Panel Application (2):Information maps.
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Domain: Electronics
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Contributing Organization: Japan Display Inc.
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New Business Development:
JDI’s Reflective Color LCDs
Strengthening our non-mobile product
portfolio and BtoB business

Shuji Aruga

Director and COO
June 15, 2015


Medium-term management goals
• Non-mobile business sales ratio 30%+ by FY2020


Business development: JDI’s reflective color LCDs
1. JDI’s reflective color LCD core technology
2. Reflective ... See more

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