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Content Independent Backlight Power Saving Technology For Mobile Devices

 Kamal Shah, Doug Taylor
Description: Why Does Longer Battery Life Matter? Battery dies when: Using phone as a navigational aid, Watching a movie, Completing a sales pitch. Battery Life Calculation: Battery Life in hours ~= Battery Capacity in Watt hours/Average platform power consumption, Example (7 hours) ~= 35 Whr/ 5W, Example (9 hours) ~= 45Whr/ 5W, Example (9 hours) ~= 35 Whr/3.88W, Two Options: reduce platform power or increase battery capacity. Display power can be reduced Multimedia can be viewed even in bright sunlight.
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Domain: Electronics
Category: Displays
Content Independent Backlight Power
Saving Technology For Mobile Devices
Kamal Shah – Director, EBL Initiative and Sys. Architecture Mgmt.,
Intel Corp.
Doug Taylor, Field Applications Engineer, Apical Inc.

• Motivation: Need for Longer Battery Life
• Assertive Display Technology Overview
• Display-based Assertive Technology Integration Architecture
• De ... See more

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