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Sapphire Touch Performance and Design Guidelines for Display Cover Screens

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Description: Sapphire Touch Performance and Design Guidelines for Display Cover Screens - IHS Business Conference, Overview of sapphire and its basic properties–Growth methodologies–Crystal properties, Sapphire material testing data. Third party testing results, New markets for sapphire cover screens, Building the supply chain for high volume applications. The Sapphire Solution - Sapphire Material - Scratchproof, Superior impact resistance, Superior mechanical strength, Outperforms glass alternatives. Fabrication Engineering - Development of processes and consumables for low cost sapphire manufacturing, Development of processes for high strength windows. Design-In - High strength solutions designed around application, Enhanced touch sensitivity, Optimized performance taking advantage of different sapphire orientations. Supply Chain - Large install volume of sapphire manufacturers, Downstream fabrication for mobile cover screen manufacturing evolving. What is Sapphire - Sapphire is a single crystal Al2O3(Alumina) It is transparent, however can be made to practically any color when combined with other materials, It is manufactured in high volume and sizes of over 280lbs, Its main industrial applications are currently HB - LED substrates, aerospace, armor, photonics, dental, lasers. Sapphire is Highly Durable and Scratch-Resistant Unscratchable by commonly found materials. Mechanical and Electrical Properties of Sapphire* Superior performance in key metrics that matter for cover and touch screens. Crystal Properties Vary by Orientation - Designers Can Leverage Orientation for Improved Device Performance. Dielectric Constant–Test Results Sapphire’s dielectric constant allows for optimized touch sensitivity. Evaluation performed on a film-based laminated touch sensor. In actual touch performance testing, sapphire signal strength was 42% higher than for GG2.
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Sapphire Touch Performance and Design
Guidelines for Display Cover Screens

IHS Business Conference
May 22, 2013
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• Overview of sapphire and its
basic properties
– Growth methodologies
– Crystal properties
• Sapphire material testing
– Third party testing results
• New markets for sapphire
cover screens ... See more

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