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Digital Photography and Computer Technology: A Promising Field Of Innovation

 N. Bennani, V. Cordonnier, D. Donsez, S. Lecomte, S. Niar
Description: Electronic photography is going gradually to gain parts of the chemical photography market. The current implementation of digital camera is limited by technology constraints (limited storage capacity, and poor exchange capability). However, some new components allow storing more than one gigabyte on a single chip ( for example the PLEDMTM technology from Hitachi [Hita99]). Even if we expect only one gigabyte of storage capacity, it will be possible to store thousands snapshots on the family digital camera.
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Domain: Electronics
Category: Photo
Contributing Organization: Laboratory LIG
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Digital photography and computer technology : a promising field of innovation


Digital photography and computer technology :
a promising field of innovation
N. Bennani1, V. Cordonnier2, D. Donsez1, S. Lecomte2, S. Niar1

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