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Ladar Single-Photon Detector Arrays: Requirements and Candidates

 William Cottingame, PhD
Description: Photodetector User Lidar Remote Sensing, Laser Based Remote Sensing, Lidar/Ladar, Flying Spot and Flash Airborne Ladar, 3D Imaging with Flash Ladar, Exo tropospheric Ladar Imaging, High Efficiency Laser Development at NGAS, Single Photon NIR Sensor Array Development, MIT/LL NIR Geiger Mode APDs, Intevac Intensified Photodiode (IPD), Voxtel Impact Ionization Engineered APDs, RVS Single Photon, Linear Mode HgCdTe APD, MBE Based HgCdTe APDs and 3D LADAR Sensors, High Performance HgCdTe APDs
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Domain: Electronics
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Requirements and Candidates for Ladar Single-Photon Detector Arrays
KECK Institute for Space Studies California Institute of Technology Jet Propulsion Laboratory Single-Photon Counting Detectors Large Scale Study 1st Workshop, January 25-29, 2010

William Cottingame, PhD
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