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Image Sensors: Technologies History Demosaicing

 Lorenzo Natale
Description: Camera Sensors, CCD consists photosensitive cells, Foveon three layers of CMOS, CCD technology, Photoelectric effect, Types of CCD, CCD, Frame Transfer, vertical smearing, CCD, Interline Transfer, CMOS technology, CMOS parameters, Field sequential, Prokudin Gorskii, Multi chip (3CCD), Nikon Dichronic, Foveon X3, Bayer Pattern, Demosaicing, Artifacts color fringes, Constant Hue-Based Interpolation, Median-Based Interpolation
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Camera Sensors
� A digital image is made up of tiny elements called pixels � Photosites on the sensor capture the brightness of a single pixel � The typical layout is a rectangular grid

SINA � 10/11

� CCD consists in photosensitive cells able to store charge produced by the light-to-electron conversion; in addition, the ch ... See more

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