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Semiconductor Detector Applications

 F.S. Zhang, C.L. Zhang, Y.F. Zhang, H.Y. Wang
Description: APXS consists of a sensor head, in-flight calibration target, radioactive heat unit (RHU) and DAQ electronics. The sensor head mounted at the end of the robotic arm is connected through a cable to the DAQ electronics.
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Domain: Electronics
Category: Semiconductors
Contributing Organization: Huzhou University
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Application of some
semiconductor detectors
F. S. Zhang1, C. L. Zhang1, Y. F. Zhang1, H. Y. Wang2

Collage of Nuclear Science and Technology, Beijing Normal University1
Institute of High Energy Physics, CAS2
Huzhou University
June. 11, 2018, Huzhou


Out line
Introduction of the detector for X-ray and γ
Application of some semiconductor detectors
R&D of
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