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Large Area Printed Piezosensors For Wearable Applications

 Timo Grunemann
Description: Body motion detection via textiles, health, and sports applications, robust, affordable, easy to use. Technology: - Fabrication: Process - screenprinting of multiple layers, drying at low temperatures (120C), poling step necessary. Fabrication: Inks-electrode pastes commercial available, P(VDF-TrFE) ink own patented process [3], solvents nontoxic.
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Domain: Electronics
Category: Semiconductors
Contributing Organization: SEMICON Europa
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Semiconductor Analytics
Large area printed piezosensors
for wearable applications

Timo Grunemann

© Fraunhofer


 body motion detection
via textiles

 health and sports

 robust
 affordable
 easy to use

© Fraunhofer


Concept of Sensor
Flexible multilayer system

 piezoelectric layer between

 bending  chang ... See more

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