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RISC-V Foundation: From Hype to Ripe

 Charlie Su PhD
Description: RISC-V is an open and free ISA from Berkeley to the foundation. It is a fast Advancing Architecture. RISC-V started with hype but followed with healthy & fast-paced standard advancement.
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Domain: Electronics
Category: Semiconductors
Contributing Organization: RISC-V Foundation
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From Hype to Ripe

Charlie Su, Ph.D.
Andes Technology
2019 RISC-V Workshop Taiwan

From Hype to Ripe
 Like “different” in “Think different”
 “ripe” is used as a noun
 readiness for harvest
 readiness for action

 RISC-V starts with hype
 But, those involved early are ripe in diversified
applica ... See more

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