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SemiWEEK: Order activity was flat last week; Stocks jump

 Andrea Lati
Description: Order activity was flat last week. Electronics Price Trend: Turning Up. Semiconductor stocks jumped.
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Domain: Electronics
Category: Semiconductors
Contributing Organization: VLSIresearch
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Semiconductor WEEK:

May 3, 2019

An overview of results and conclusions from recent reports at VLSI
Chip Market Research Services

Chip History Center

Waiting for the next sunrise
• Order activity was flat last week
• The Chip Price Performance Index (CPPI) lost ground at a faster
• Capacity Utilization by Node

Hans Stork, then Senior Vice President of Silicon
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Andrea Lati
17 May, 2019
Andrea Lati
10 May, 2019
Andrea Lati
26 April, 2019