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3D Integration- A Solution for next Generation Silicon Devices

 Dr. Daniel Shi
Description: 3D integration is another major solution to increase IC density and functionality. Annual growth rate of all the 3D packaging is more than 24%, while the rate of the TSV based 3D packaging is more than 95%. 3D packaging/integration technology is believed to have many applications including consumer electronics, wireless communication, bio-medical devices, aerospace, and automotive, etc. ASTRI has established a comprehensive 3D packaging technology platform for HK/China packaging industry.
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Domain: Electronics
Category: Semiconductors

3D Integration � A Solution for Next Generation Silicon Devices

Dr. Daniel SHI Applied Science & Technology Research Institute (ASTRI) Feb. 20, 2009

ASTRI Proprietary

Background & Motivation Technology Development Status Worldwide Market Development Status & Forecast ASTRI's R&D in 3D Integration
Package-on-Package (PoP) Through-Silicon-Via (TSV)


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