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Microcontrollers in MMS Group

 Claude Dardanne, Francois Guibert
Description: Microcontrollers Highlights:- General Purpose Microcontrollers: Very fragmented multi-segments market - Tens of thousands customers WW. Well established and profitable business model. ST playing a leadership position in the migration to advanced 32-bit platforms. With the STM32 family, ST is providing the broadest portfolio based on ARM Cortex-M CPU (> 300 P/N). Secure Microcontrollers: Growth no longer driven only by the traditional “Smartcard” business. Growth also driven by new applications/customers requiring more and more embedded security functionalities.
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Domain: Electronics
Category: Semiconductors
Contributing Organization: Nasdaq, Inc.
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Claude Dardanne
Executive Vice President,
General Manager, Microcontrollers, Memory & Secure MCU Group
Francois Guibert
Executive Vice President,
President, Greater China and South Asia Region



Microcontrollers in MMS Group

Secure Microcontrollers

• Serial EEPROM
• RF memories
• #1 WW Supplier

• Personal and embedded
• S ... See more

Microcontroller Market Strategy

Microcontroller Market Strategy - Microcontrollers in MMS Product Group. WW TAM Microcontrollers* 2007-15 - General Purpose MCUs, Mass market, very large customer base, Very fragme

02 July, 2013