Influential SRC Research Papers

Influential SRC Research Papers

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Influential SRC Research Papers
Victor Zhirnov and Ralph Cavin Semiconductor Research Corporation
One measure of the impact of a publication is the degree to which the paper is cited in the professional literature. In addition, a measure of importance of a given paper for industry is the number of citations in papers published by the industry. Each year the SRC receives many hundreds of papers that have been written by the university researchers that it sponsors. We have conducted a study to identify those papers that have developed a significant number of citations. We set out to find heavily cited SRC-supported papers by using the Science Citation Index ExpandedTM (available through the Web of Science�). This database provides access to bibliographic information, abstracts, and cited references. It covers practically all (more than 5,800) journals of the world's leading scholarly science and technical journals covering more than 100 disciplines. Also, it provides cited reference searching, breaking through disciplinary and geographic boundaries. The database is updated weekly; back-files to 1945. This literature database was used to assess the impact of SRC-led research. We were pleased to learn that many SRC-supported papers have received over 100 citations. Table II contains a list of SRC-supported papers that met this criteria. Note also that we have tried to estimate the number of citations from industry to give an indicator on the industrial impact of our work. Useful benchmarks are the research articles in semiconductors that resulted in Nobel Prizes (see Table I). It is interesting to note that the SRC papers (Table II) often compare quite favorably with the citations obtained by Nobel Laureates. Finally, we need to say that our study across the huge number of SRC-supported papers is by no means exhaustive We would like to invite SRC faculty who have obtained a significant number of citations for one of their SRC-sponsored papers to let us know so that we can to continue to update Table I. Please contact Victor Zhirnov ( to provide this information to us.

Table I. Examples of the research articles in semiconductors that resulted in Nobel Prizes 1 Article
Bardeen J, Brattain WH "The Transistor, a Semi-conductor Triode", Phys. Rev. 74 (2): 230-231 1948 Esaki L, "New phenomenon in narrow Germanium p-n junctions", Phys. Rev. 109 (1958) 603 Kroemer H, "Heterostructure Bipolartransistors and Integrated-circuits", PROC. of the IEEE 70 (1982) 13

Nobel Prize in: 1956


# of citations 199

Discovery of semiconductor transistor

Discovery of tunnel diode



Invention of heterojunctions



Note the citations given are as of 12/18/2006

Table II. Influential SRC Research Papers 1 Article
1. "High- gate dielectrics: Current status and materials properties considerations", JAP 89 (2001)5243 2. "Nanotube molecular wires as chemical sensors, SCIENCE 287 (2000) 622 3. "Point Defects and Dopant Diffusion in Silicon", Rev. Mod. Phys. 61 (1989) 289 4. "Alternative dielectrics to silicon dioxide for memory and logic devices" NATURE 406 (2000) 1032 5. "Asymptotic wave-form evaluation for timing analysis", IEEE Trans. Computer-Aided Design 9 (1990) 352 6. "Switching devices based on interlocked molecules" Acc. Chem. Res. 34 (2001) 433 7. " Large scale CVD synthesis of single-walled carbon nanotubes", J. Phys Chem B103 (1999) 6484 8. "Molecular random access memory cell", APL 78 (2001) 3735 9. "Reversible electromechanical characteristics of carbon nanotubes under local-probe manipulation" NATURE 405 (2000) 769 10. "The gaseous electronics conference radiofrequency reference cell - a defined parallel-plate radiofrequency system for experimental and theoretical-studies of plasma-processing discharges", Rev. Sci. Instr. 65 (1994) 11. "Hole injection SiO2 breakdown model for very low voltage lifetime extrapolation", IEEE Trans. Electron Dev. 41 (1994) 761 12. "Ferroelectric Materials for 64 Mb and 256 Mb DRAM", IEEE Circuits and Design 6 (1990) 17 13. "The dielectric response as a function of temperature and film thickness of fiber-textured (Ba,Sr)TiO3 thin films grown by chemical vapor deposition", J. Appl. Phys. 82 (1997) 2497 14. "2-dimensional modeling of high plasma-density inductively-coupled sources for materials processing" JVST B 12 (1994) 461 15. Ferroelectricity in thin films: The dielectric response of fiber-textured (BaxSr1-x)Ti1+yO3+z thin films grown by chemical vapor deposition, JAP 86 (1999) 4565

Wilk (Agere) Wallace (U North Texas) Anthony (U South Florida) Dai et al. Stanford U Plummer Stanford U Kingon et al NCSU Pillage and Rohrer U Texas/Austin Heath et al. UCLA Dai et al. Stanford U Reed et al./Yale Dai et al. Stanford U

# of citations Total by industry

1383 1072 630 367 333 286 269 230 230

420 (30%) 112 (10%) 221 (35%) 89 (24%) 114 (34%) 11 (43%) 32 (12%) 31 (13%) 24 (10%)

Kushner et al. U Illinois/Urbana


35 (17%)

Schuegraff and Hu Berkeley U Parker and Tasch U Texas/Austin Kingon et al. NCSU Ventzek et al. U Illinois/Urbana Kingon et al. NCSU

178 170 169

70 (39%) 46 (27%) 40 (24%)


39 (23%)


33 (24%)


Note the citations given are as of 12/18/2006

Table II. (Cont'd) 1 Article
16. "BSIM - Berkeley Short-Channel IGFET Model for MOS-Transistors" IEEE J. S-State Cir. 22 (1987) 558 17. "Plasma enhanced chemical vapor-deposition � differences between direct and remote plasma excitations", J. Vac. Sci. Technol A 5 (1987) 2231 18. "Silicon epitaxy at 650-800 C using low-pressure chemical vapor deposition both with and without plasma enhancement", JAP 57 (1984) 2757 19. "Threshold voltage model for deep-submicrometer MOSFET's", IEEE Trans. Electron Dev. 40 (1993) 86 20. "Numerical investigation of the kinetics and chemistry of rf glow-discharge plasmas sustained in He, N2, O2, He/N2/O2, He/CF4/O2, and SiH4/NH3 using a monte-carlo-fluid hybrid model" JAP 71 (1992) 1654 21. "Development of preferred orientation in polycrystalline TiN layers grown by ultrahigh vacuum reactive magnetron sputtering" APL 67 (1995) 2928 22."Surface morphology during multilayer epitaxial growth of Ge(001)" PRL 74 (1995) 1127 23. "Temperature-dependent optical band gap of the metastable zinc-blende structure -GaN" PRB 50 (1994) 8433 24. "Si molecular beam epitaxy: A model for temperature dependent incorporation probabilities and depth distributions of dopants exhibiting strong surface segredation" Surf. Sci. 151 (1985) 67 25. "Mechanisms and kinetics of Si atomic-layer epitaxy on Si(001)2x1 from Si2H6", JVST A 9 (1991) 3003 26. "Indium overlayers on clean Si(100)2x1: Surface structure, nucleation, and growth", Surf. Sci. 166 (1986) 512 27. "Importance of space-charge effects in resonant tunneling devices", Appl. Phys. Lett. 50 (1987) 612 28. "The interaction of Sb4 molecular beams with Si(100) surfaces: modulated-beam mass spectrometry and thermally stimulated desorption studies", Surf. Sci. (1986) 303

by Sheu et al Berkeley U Lucovsky and Tsu NCSU Donahue and Reif MIT Hu CM et al. Berkeley U Sommerer and Kushner U Illinois/Urbana

# of citations Total by industry

139 131 130 126

44 (32%) 13 (10%) 43 (33%) 46 (37%)


17 (14%)

Greene et al. U Illinois/Urbana Greene et al. U Illinois/Urbana Greene et al. U Illinois/Urbana

121 117 116

21 (17%) 12 (10%) 8 (7%)

Barnett and Greene U Illinois/Urbana Greene et al, U Illinois/Urbana Greene et al, U Illinois/Urbana Lundstrom et al. Purdue U Greene et al, U Illinois/Urbana


29 (27%)

105 105 104 101

27 (26%) 7 (7%) 17 (16%) 22 (22%)


Note the citations given are as of 12/18/2006