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Are you ready for 32nm?

 Dr. Jaga Jagannathan, Dr. Rob Aitken, Dr. Vassilios Gerousis
Description: Topics discussed: IBM Technology Roadmap, Improved Gate Length Scaling with High-k / Metal Gate, 32/28LP HKMG Technology, SRAM Vmin improvement with High-k, Scaling on Mixed Signal / RF Key Figures of Merits, High Performance 28G Technology, Physical IP is more than NAND gates, Moore’s Law and Consumer Expectations, ARM 32nm Test Chip Program Objectives, 32nm Test Chip Overview, Litho-driven Interconnect Optimization, 32 nm vs. 45 nm: Test Chip Results and more.
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Are you ready for 32nm?
Moderator Ana Molnar Hunter, Vice President of Foundry, Samsung Semiconductor Speakers Dr. Jaga Jagannathan, Director, 32/28 Technology Productization, IBM Semiconductor R&D Center Dr. Rob Aitken, Fellow, Research & Development, ARM Dr. Vassilios Gerousis, Senior Architect, Cadence Design Systems

32nm / 28nm Technology
Dr. Jaga Jagannathan Director 32/28nm Technology Prod ... See more

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