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Plasma-Therm reigns as top etch & clean supplier in customer satisfaction

 Risto Puhakka
Description: Plasma-Therm reigns as top etch and clean supplier with RANKED 1st award for fourth consecutive year. Customers also awarded Plasma-Therm as a VLSIresearch 2015 10 BEST Focused Chip Making Supplier and as a 2015 THE BEST Fab Equipment Supplier. Results show that customers appreciate the company’s products, customer service, and continuous improvement programs. Plasma-Therm is one of the largest companies serving focused market segments: MEMS, Power, HDDs; HB-LEDs, photonics; renewable energy, nanotechnology, research. Equipment users have high level of trust. Plasma-Therm’s consistent history of 10 BEST and RANKED 1st awards demonstrate its commitment to customer success.
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Domain: Electronics
Category: Semiconductors
Contributing Organization: Plasma-Therm
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reigns as top etch & clean supplier in
customer satisfaction
VLSIresearch Customer Satisfaction Survey 2015

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Customers rank Plasma-Therm among the
world’s 10 BEST Chip Making Suppliers
• Customers rate Plasma-Therm
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