EV Group secures all three awards for a fourth year

EV Group secures all three awards for a fourth year

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Description: EV Group, an industry-leading wafer-bonding and lithography supplier, has consistently increased their customer satisfaction over the years .

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secures all three awards for a fourth year
VLSIresearch Customer Satisfaction Survey 2016

VLSIresearch … intelligence to makeSurvey 2016
Customer Satisfaction better decisions faster

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EV Group Awarded 10 BEST Supplier
• EV Group, an industry-leading waferbonding and lithography supplier, has
consistently increased customer
satisfaction over the years

with a strong rating of 8.31 this year
improving 26 basis points since 2013
earns a triple crown of 3 awards for the
4th consecutive year

• Customer support plays an essential
role in EVG’s success
– Extensive process technology teams
– Established cleanrooms and development
labs throughout the world


Customer Satisfaction Survey 2016

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EV Group’s Approach to Customer Satisfaction
• High-volume manufacturing emphasis
– Equipment is designed and delivered for high-volume
industrial production
– 3D-IC, and Advanced Packaging, MEMS, Compound
Semiconductor, and Nanotechnology applications

• Strong focus on customer support
– Process technology focus
– Willing to innovate and invest in challenging applications
– Investment in cleanrooms and development labs near
– Champions early technology implementations

• EV Group’s long-term commitment to technology
invention, innovation, and implementation
– Enables customers to bring their products to market, costeffectively, using emerging technologies
– Strong customer partnerships


Customer Satisfaction Survey 2016

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What Customers Liked about EV Group in 2016
• EV Group exceled in supplier
performance with an average
rating of 8.6
– earning an outstanding 8.7 in trust in

• Increased scores in 8 of the 15
• Earned its highest scores in

1 Overall

trust in supplier
recommend supplier
technical leadership
quality of results
value replaced cost of ownership in 2016


Customer Satisfaction Survey 2016

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What Customers said in 2016
• Proven excellent customer support
– Helpful and responsive
– Technical support
– Process support

• Customer focus through partnering
– Technology and process development
– Willing to develop custom solutions
– Ability to work with teams across EVG

• Good results and performance
– Robust and reliable equipment
– Leading system performance
– Stable process quality


Customer Satisfaction Survey 2016

Customer comments:

Customer care is great, equipment is well done, it has a
great uptime and process is stable. EV Group is always
ready to discuss improvements with customers. This is
really important to catch high customer satisfaction and
provide the best service.

EVG has always been a great partner with us. They
provide excellent technical support whenever it is

EVG is a technology leader and is extremely customer
focused. Great company.

The best tool performances compared to competitors
based on our demonstrations.

It's a great machine.

Very pleased with reliability and performance. It works
when I need it to work.

The tool is very high quality, robust and easy to use. The
company representatives were very helpful during the
purchase and the installation, and they always want to
follow up.

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EV Group’s 2016 Product Ratings
• EV Group earns high admiration in
Wafer Bonder Equipment with a
strong score of 8.63
• Wafer bonders earn their highest
scores in
– technical leadership, recommend
supplier, commitment, trust in supplier

• Lithography Equipment earns its
highest scores in
– trust in supplier, recommend supplier,

• Results show EVG’s continued
success delivering leading wafer
bonding and lithography solutions


Customer Satisfaction Survey 2016

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About EVGroup

About VLSIresearch

EV Group (EVG) is a leading supplier of
equipment and process solutions for the
microelectromechanical systems (MEMS),
compound semiconductors, power devices and
nanotechnology devices. Key products include
lithography/nanoimprint lithography (NIL) and
metrology equipment, as well as photoresist
coaters, cleaners and inspection systems.
Founded in 1980, EV Group services and
supports an elaborate network of global
customers and partners all over the world.

VLSIresearch is an award-winning provider of market
research and economic analysis on the technical,
business, and economic aspects within semiconductor,
nanotechnology, and related industries. VLSIresearch
provides intelligence for faster and better decision
making in the areas of semiconductors, photovoltaics,
subsystems. VLSIresearch was founded in 1976.



Customer Satisfaction Survey 2016

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About the VLSIresearch 2016 Customer Satisfaction Survey
VLSIresearch received feedback from more than 95% of the chip market and 80% of subsystems customers for this year’s survey.
The survey spans two and half months and covers five languages. Worldwide participants were asked to rate equipment suppliers
among fifteen categories based on three key factors: supplier performance, customer service, and product performance. 3,619
surveys were returned, resulting in 54,282 total responses.

The VLSIresearch annual Customer Satisfaction Survey is the only publicly available opportunity since 1988 for customers to
provide feedback for suppliers of semiconductor equipment and subsystems. The 10 BEST, THE BEST, and RANKED 1st awards
provide special recognition to suppliers that are rated highest by their customers.
10 BEST awards recognize each chip making equipment supplier as a whole, regardless of product type:
• Fab, Test, and Assembly equipment ratings are grouped together for an overall rating for each supplier
• Each supplier is then listed in one of two categories based on a three-year average of total revenues for all its market
segments: Large and Focused
THE BEST awards recognize the more detailed markets:
• Fab, Test, Assembly equipment, and Subsystems
RANKED 1st awards place special distinction on suppliers that achieve the highest rating from customers in any survey category,
• 10 BEST and THE BEST
• Specialized areas such as: CMP, Deposition, Etch & Clean, Implant, Lithography, Process Diagnostics, Specialty
Fab, and Subsystems


Customer Satisfaction Survey 2016

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Customer Satisfaction Survey 2016

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