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SemiWEEK: EUV vs Dep/Etch. Data drives silicon. NIST and Quantum SI. Why you’ll always need chips that are…; stocks were flat

 Andrea Lati
Description: Order activity heated up again. IC Sales remain red hot. Chip stocks increased to a new yearly high. 10 BEST Semiconductor Equipment Companies of 1995.
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Category: Semiconductors
Contributing Organization: VLSIresearch
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Semiconductor WEEK:

November 10, 2017

An overview of results and conclusions from recent reports at VLSI
Chip Market Research Services

Customer Satisfaction Survey

Everyone is in a feeding frenzy...
• Order activity heated up again
• Samsung finally put an official number behind its 2017 capex
• The CPPI jumped to new highs
• Capacity Utilization Rates

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Andrea Lati
16 November, 2018
Andrea Lati
09 November, 2018
Andrea Lati
02 November, 2018