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Axcelis wins coveted top supplier award across 3 categories for 2nd year in a row

 Risto Puhakka
Description: Axcelis, a leading supplier of ion implant equipment, achieves RANKED 1st position second year in a row in the 2015 VLSIresearch Customer Satisfaction Survey: the 10 BEST Focused Suppliers of Chip Making Equipment, THE BEST Suppliers of Fab Equipment, RANKED 1st in Ion Equipment. Consistently high ratings in Supplier Performance and Customer Support. Axcelis focuses on delivering advanced and enabling ion implant technology.Common Purion platform designed to cover all implant technologies and provides high productivity, effective training, and a common customer interface.Significant value creation for customers through flexible manufacturing process.
Axcelis relies on age-old recipe for success: excel in customer service; leading-edge products and technology for customer benefit.
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Domain: Electronics
Category: Semiconductors
Contributing Organization: Axcelis
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wins coveted top supplier awards
2nd year in a row
VLSIresearch Customer Satisfaction Survey 2015

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Axcelis Wins Top Supplier Awards
• Axcelis, a leading supplier of ion
implant equipment, achieves
RANKED 1st awards for secon ... See more
Risto Puhakka
16 November, 2018
Risto Puhakka
02 August, 2018
Risto Puhakka
05 July, 2018