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Reliability in the More than Moore Landscape

 John Schmitz
Description: Paper about Reliability in the More than More Landscape, NXP Semiconductors, An R&D powerhouse, NXP Process Technology Research, Society Trends, Intelligent systems: Moore’s Law and Morethan-Moore combined, Sensor and Actuators technologies will move along More than Moore Arrow, Evolution in assembly & packaging, Increased technology integration poses new reliability challenges, Product reliability trend, Acceleration in typical product reliability tests, Classical Failures of Semiconductor.
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Domain: Electronics
Category: Semiconductors
Maxims of Tech: Rules of Engagement for a Fast Changing Environment
Reliability in the More than Moore Landscape
Dr. John Schmitz, VP Process Technology Research NXP Semiconductors IEEE International Integrated Reliability Workshop October 18 � 2009 S. Lake Tahoe, California

Introduction NXP Society Trends
� Society Trends and Applications � Changing landscape: More than Moore

More than Moore devices Changing Reliabil ... See more

Reliability in the More than Moore Landscape

A complete discussion about Societal Trends and Applications; changing landscape: More than Moore. Trends of Potential Importance for Chip Makers: Aging and Health, Energy consumpt

Dr. John Schmitz
18 November, 2009