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MEMS Process Integration and Manufacturability

 Pinyen Lin
Description: MEMS Industry and Products, Process Integration and Design for Manufacturability, CMOS-MEMS Process Integration, TMT Company Profile, MEMS Industry, MEMS Process Integration Cycle, Hurdles on MEMS Process Integration, Foundry with Process Integration, MEMS Processing Trend for Volume Production, TMT's Core Process Technology, Interposer Platform, TMT's Integrated Solutions, MEMS Integration Strategy, MEMS-CMOS Monolithic Integration, DLP from Texas Instrument, Miradia Micromirror
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Domain: Electronics
Category: Semiconductors
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MEMS Process Integration and Manufacturability
Dr. Pinyen Lin, Chief Technologist & VP Business Development

Touch Micro-system Technology, Taiwan


1. MEMS Industry and Products 2. Process Integration and Design for Manufacturability
- Challenges and Best Practice 3. CMOS-MEMS Process Integration 4. Summary

TMT Company Profile

Strategic Position Professional MEMS Technology Developer ... See more

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