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SAW devices for GHz applications based on Nanoprocessing of GaN/Silicon

 A. Muller, D. Neculoiu, G. Konstantinidis, A. Dinescu, D. Vasilache, A. Stavrinidis, M. Dragoman, A.
Description: Nanolithographic process was successfully developed on GaN. IDTs with fingers and interdigits 150nm wide have been obtained with a yield of about 70-75%. SAW structures with resonance of about 7 GHz have been obtained using nanolithographic techniques on GaN.
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Domain: Electronics
Category: Semiconductors
SAW devices for GHz applications based on nanoprocessing of GaN/Silicon
A. Muller1, D. Neculoiu1, G. Konstantinidis2, A. Dinescu1, D. Vasilache1, A. Stavrinidis2, M. Dragoman1, A. Cismaru1, C. Buiculescu1, I. Petrini1

Bucharest, 2FORTH Heraklion

A 8-a editie a Seminarului National de nanostiinta si nanotehnologie Biblioteca Academiei Romane. Aprilie 2009

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