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Reliability and Yield Issues in Nano-Scale Technologies

 Prof Gilson Wirth, UFRGS
Description: Paper covers: MOS Devices and Circuits. Sources & Types of Variations. scaling. Line Edge Roughness (LER). Discrete doping. Discrete oxide thickness. R and V body distributions. Self-heating. Hot spots. IR drops. Layout Dependent Systematic Variations. Design rules effect on Performance. Reliability & Yield. RDF: Random Dopant Fluctuations. HCI: Hot Carrier Stress. Electromigration. Transient Faults. RTS and Digital Circuits
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Domain: Electronics
Category: Semiconductors
Reliability and Yield of MOS Devices and Circuits
Prof Gilson Wirth UFRGS - Porto Alegre, Brazil

This set of slides is a summary of the lecture. The lecture may be tailored to the needs and interest of the audience, and composed by a larger set of slides. The lecture covers new phenomena which play a role on the performance and reliability of highly scaled MOS devices. Performance and reliabi ... See more

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