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Echoes of DACs Past: From Prediction to Realization, and Watts Next?

 Bernard Meyerson
Description: Paper is about Design Automation Conference 2010, The Core Issue Then and Now, Bets Placed Five Years ets aced e ea s Ago, Foundational Innovation; Materials, Electrical Bandwidth Bottlenecks emerge, The Impact of Physics on Finances, Semiconductor Technology Globalization, Ecosystem Grows Based Upon Radical Collaboration, Information Technology Reinvents Metrics, A Prime Example Ochfn oHlogoy wGro uMp etrics Have Evolved, Application Specific Problem Solving.
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Domain: Electronics
Category: Semiconductors
Dr. Bernard Meyerson � IBM Fellow, Vice President - Innovation, IBM y , ,

Design Automation Conference 2010: g

Echoes of DACs Past: From Prediction to Realization, Realization and Watts Next?

� 2010 IBM Corporation

First, a trip down memory lane , p y


Dr. Bernard S. Meyerson

� 2010 IBM Corporation

The Core Issue Then and Now; Power As Classical Scali ... See more

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DACs Past: From Prediction to Realization

Design Automation Conference 2010, Echoes of DACs Past, Holistic Design; Innovation at All Levels of Systems Stack, Elements Employed in Silicon Technology, Electrical Bandwidth Bo

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