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Excellence: How Japanís Best Prevailed over the Lost Decades

 G. Dan Hutcheson
Description: Much attention has been given to what went wrong in Japan's Lost Decades. But some Japanese companies thrived in spite of the many challenges presented by the strong headwinds of this stormy period. These headwinds included: A strong Yen. A weak banking system. Emergent competitive threats from Korea, Taiwan, and eventually, China. he weakened chain of customers based in Japan. This presentation examines how Japan's best technology companies not only stayed competitive against these threats, but actually grew market share. From this, it presents the maxims of excellence that can be learned from them and their managements. This includes what they did differently from other Japanese companies that lead to their success. These maxims will be just as important going forward as the semiconductor industry faces new challenges. The presentation is from my invited keynote at the SEAJ's annual meeting on May 27th. I was deeply honored because it was the first time a non-Japanese speaker had ever been invited to talk at this prestigious forum. The evening's topic included how the strengths of Japan's best technology companies interleave with a future environment that include 3D structures, nodes going to 5nm, EUV, 450mm; on top of industry consolidation. A key focus was on which strengths of Japan's best technology companies are likely to give it a competitive advantage over the next 20 years.
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May 2014


How Japan’s Best Prevailed over the Lost Decades

g dan hutcheson
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