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TSV Interconnect Challenges and Collaboration

 Sitaram Arkalgud
Description: 3D TSV Interconnect Program, 3D TSV An industry game changer, Major industry challenges in 3D, SEMATECH’s 3D activities, 3D TSV collaborations, Worldwide 3D TSV members, Focus area for SEMATECH program, Scope of TSV development, 3D equipment capability, SEMATECH 3D ecosystem development, SEMATECH Workshops on Stress Management, 3D ICs Using Through Silicon Vias, SEMI/SEMATECH 3D Interconnect Challenges, SEMATECH Workshop on 3D Interconnect Metrology
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Domain: Electronics
Category: Semiconductors
Contributing Organization: SEMI
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Accelerating the next technology revolution

3D TSV Interconnect Program - An Overview

Sitaram Arkalgud Director 3D Interconnect
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