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Battery less Electronics: energy harvesting with microbial light driven proton pumps

 Adrian M. Ionescu
Description: Ubiquitous powering Energy Aware Nanoelectronic Personal Companions Nano PCo, Ubiquitously powered personalized computational and communication system, Nanoelectronic Personal Companion (nano-PCo), convergence between future zero-standby power mobile computing, mobile communications and disruptive integrated powering/scavenging technologies, Large scale deployment of battery-less Wireless Sensor Networks, Photosynthetic solar cell
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Domain: Electronics
Category: Semiconductors
Ubiquitous powering: Ubi it i Energy Aware Nanoelectronic Energy Aware Energy Aware Nanoelectronic Personal Companions Personal Companions NanoPCo Nano
Adrian M. Ionescu Adrian M Ionescu Ecole Polytechnique F�d�rale Lausanne, Switzerland e mail: adrian.ionescu@epfl.ch email: adrian ionescu@epfl ch

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