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5G Outlook and Verticals

 Digiworld Summit
Description: 5G benefits and timetable: - What will 5G bring?: A unique infrastructure to meet all needs. A new flexible & programmable radio interface able to address diverse requirements, reduced latency (1 ms). Very high throughputs and capacity, use of spectrum >6GHz. Evolved Mobile BroadBand (eMBB): higher throughputs. Massive Machine Type Communication: the capability to support a very important number of connections of objects with limited battery life and low-cost requirements. Smart building, logistics, tracking, and fleet management. Critical Machine Type Communication: very small latencies and reliability. Traffic safety and control, industrial applications and control, remote manufacturing, training, surgery.
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5G outlook and verticals
5G in 2020… or before?

17 November 2016

5G development and timetable
5G services as soon as 2018?

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