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SDR as Part of the Communications System

 Theodor Fokken
Description: The SDR is a secure radiocommunications router. The SDR integrates voice and data. Voice (as VoIP) and data are routed in parallel via an integrated network. The SDR can easily be integrated with IP-based intercom, C2- systems, sensors and weapon systems. The SDR connects other network-enabled systems inside the platform/command post to the forces network via IP or legacy interfaces. The SDR can easily be integrated within legacy communication systems.
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Domain: Electronics
Category: Mobile
Mobile Communications : The art of the possible
What`s in the pipeline ? The technological opportunities
Amsterdam, March 19, 2009

Theodor Fokken

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SDR Standardization and Certification SDR Technology Future Waveforms SDR Developments Product Portfolio

March 19, 2009 | ATM Workshop | 2

SDR Standardization and Certification

SCA Certification Process


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