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The Brazilian Experience on Spectrum Pricing Modeling: The 3G and 4G License

 Abraao Balbino e Silva
Description: The crescent demand for spectrum for new wireless services consolidation as evidenced by, among others, mobile communication systems, networks of digital terrestrial television broadcasting or the various systems of broadband wireless access. This method complicates the collusive activities among buyers since that allows a cartel member obtains a positive expected utility if he loses the group discipline (doing, so that these agreements are less stable).
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Domain: Electronics
Category: Mobile
Contributing Organization: ITU
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Semiconductor Analytics
ITU/BDT Regional Seminar on the Economic and
Financial aspects of Telecommunications/ICT

The Brazilian experience on spectrum pricing modeling:
The 3G and 4G license
Abraão Balbino e Silva
Competition Manager - Anatel, Brasil
México D.F.

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