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Public Key for RFID: From Security Protocols to Silicon Implementation

 Ingrid Verbauwhede
Description: Topics discussed include current RFID standards, security challenges RFID, design constraints, passive RFID tags, Solutions with Asymmetric-key Algorithms, Observation for RFID Protocols, EC based Security Processor, Optimization Approach, Register optimization: Point Addition/Doubling Algorithm, and much more.
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Public Key for RFID:
from security protocols to silicon implementation

Ingrid Verbauwhede KULeuven � COSIC E-mail: ingrid.verbauwhede@esat.kuleuven.be Slide Acknowledgements: Yong Ki Lee, Lejla Batina
ECRYPT workshop � 1 Sept. 14, 2009

Challenge 1: security problems

Anti-cloning Privacy

Schnorr Protocol Public key Crypto Okamoto Protocol EC-RAC Protocol

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