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Speech-to-Text app for iPhone: VoiceKeys Cydia Tweak

 Ricky Shah
Description: Speech-to-Text app for iPhone VoiceKeys dictates text via Google’s speech recognition service.You can easily invoke VoiceKeys from ActionMenu or proximity sensor
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Domain: Electronics
Category: Mobile
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Credit: http://www.iphonejalbreakfaq.com

Speech-to-text conversion technology has been lurking around for a while across many platforms. Windows Phone and iPhone already have speech recognition technology to perform basic operations like playing video, audio, search etc.

Ryan Petrich, one of the famous Cydia app developer, has decided to build a speech to text conversion cydia tweak to help ... See more

Scale in 7th Pay Commission India

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Ricky Shah
18 May, 2016

Despicable 2 Me Minion Entertainment

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Ricky Shah
18 May, 2016

CTET Exam 2015

CTET Examinations are due on 22nd of February 2015. As the exams are coming up soon, lets see when you can use the CTET examination results and CTET Certificate.

Ricky Shah
25 March, 2015