Speech-to-Text app for iPhone: VoiceKeys Cydia Tweak

Speech-to-Text app for iPhone: VoiceKeys Cydia Tweak

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Description: Speech-to-Text app for iPhone VoiceKeys dictates text via Google’s speech recognition service.You can easily invoke VoiceKeys from ActionMenu or proximity sensor.

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Credit: http://www.iphonejalbreakfaq.com

Speech-to-text conversion technology has been lurking around for a while across many platforms. Windows Phone and iPhone already have speech recognition technology to perform basic operations like playing video, audio, search etc.

Ryan Petrich, one of the famous Cydia app developer, has decided to build a speech to text conversion cydia tweak to help the people. We already know that Google search has cleverly integrated speech to word recognition technology

similar technology is also available on Windows Phone, however it is restricted to search and few basic commands only.

VoiceKeys cydia tweak dictates text via Google's speech recognition service. You can easily invoke VoiceKeys from the Action Menu. Ryan has integrated it to ActionMenu to make it easy to access it seamlessly.

It doesn't add any new icons to the homescreen. However, don't get your hopes too high with this technology as it is still in its early stage of the development.

Google's speech recognition technology fails in many occasions to recognize the word(s) or sentence properly. You need to have an active internet connection running on your iDevice while using this app

You can invoke dictation mode either from ActionMenu item or by using phone's proximity sensor. There are few basic setting options available like Capitalize First Word, Finish with Period, Finish with Space, and Finish with Return etc

You may feel that voiceKeys is quite buggy at this moment, but it is not the app which fails to recognize the speech but Google speech recognition technology.

We can expect Ryan to provide much better version in the future release. VoiceKeys is especially helpful for those who are tired of writing or tapping on screen of their iPhone.

VoiceKeys is available on thebiggboss repo for free. There's nothing wrong in trying out this application. Let us know what you think of this application via comment section.

http://www.iphonejailbreakfaq.com/spe ech-to-text-app-iphone-voicekeyscydia-tweak/