How to Install Whited00r on iPhone 3G/2G/  iPod Touch1G/2G

How to Install Whited00r on iPhone 3G/2G/ iPod Touch1G/2G

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Description: Follow below steps to install whited00r 4.4 on your iPhone 3G/2G and iPod touch 1G/2G with simple to understand steps. Whited00r offers new post-installation scripts to add more functionality.

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Credit: iPhone 5 Jailbreaking Blog


extensive testing of whited00r custom firmware, whited00r 4.4 final version has been released for all the old generation iOS devices i.e. iPhone 3G, iPhone 2G, iPod Touch 2G and iPod Touch 1G. From this version onwards lite and full editions are unified.


also offers new postinstallation scripts, which adds ,,extra speed to your device (also known as Configurator). It also offers custom scripts installation option besides ./Configurators.


the following command in MobileTerminal to run the custom scripts su alpine ./NAME-OF-SCRIPT


are many custom scripts available which adds an edge to your iOS device. Some of the custom scripts are VideoMover, SubstrateOFF, SubstrateON etc. For detailed information of available custom scripts you can visit this page


alpine ./Configurator


command provides you many features like Cydia Autoinstall, Spotlight search, Push Notification, VPN support, Tethering etc. in simple question/answer format. You simply have to answer questions in y/n format. Do not worry this process is reversible so you can run it at any time to enable/disable desired feature


are must if you want to optimize your device. It also offer you functions like multitasking, video MMS, video upload and other tons of features which makes your old generation device much more useful.


Follow the tutorial at your own risk


are pre-jailbroken custom firmware. Follow the below steps carefully to install whited00r on your iPhone/iPod Touch.


1: Download whited00r for your iOS device. 2: You should use decompression software like 7-zip or TheUnharchiver to decompress file. You should get .ipsw file from the archive.



3: Open iTunes latest version and connect your iOS device.


4: Youve to use RESTORE function to restore the custom .ipsw file on your device Use ALT+ Restore on Mac or Left SHIFT+ Restore option


will open up a new Window. Browse custom whited00r ipsw file you downloaded earlier. iTunes will take some time to restore it on your device. It will reboot your device automatically.


it!! Make sure you do not use "Restore from backup" option, instead use "Set up a new iPhone/iPod" when iTunes asks you to do so. forum offers a great support to the users. Follow the forum if you get any errors in the process.