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3G: Launching Toward 4G

 Bernie Arnason, Pivot Media LLC, Scott Ellison, IDC, Al Williams, Alcatel-Lucent
Description: Rural Wireless Transformation, Key Trends in Mobile, Devices, Consumer Market Trends, Entertainment Market Trends, Business Market Trends Should I move to 3G now or wait for 4G?, Devices Become More than Traditional Communication Tools, 2G Networks are Being Replaced by 3G
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Domain: Electronics
Category: Mobile
3G: Launching Toward 4G
September 30, 2008

Our Goals for Today
Gain insight into the market drivers for 3G adoption Understand the migration path to 3G and 4G Engage the audience in interactive discussion and mindshare about 3G market opportunities

Today's Panelists T d ' P li t
Bernie Arnason, Managing Partner, Pivot Media LLC (Moderator) Scott Ellison, Vice President, Mobile Consumer Services ... See more

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