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Mobile Messaging Real-Time Information Aggregator

 Jenq-Shiou Leu
Description: Crafting a Real-Time Information Aggregator for Mobile Messaging, Architecture Design and Implementation, SMSC and MMSC, The prototype system presented in this has been successfully implemented and demonstrated. We have realized an extended idea to visualize instant SMS/MMS messages openly on a larger device, instead of a limited-sized screen on personal cellular phones in the past. Such an implementation also improves the traditional peer-to-peer mobile communication.
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Crafting a Real-Time Information Aggregator for Mobile Messaging

Jenq-Shiou Leu Department of Electronic Engineering National Taiwan University of Science and Technology, Taipei, Taiwan jsleu@mail.ntust.edu.tw

Abstract--Mobile messaging is evolving beyond SMS (Short Message Service) text messaging with the introduction of MMS (Multimedia Messaging Service). In the past, such a scheme is used ... See more

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