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Mobile Infrastructure Innovation - Can the Challenge be met ?

 Arpit Joshipura
Description: New telecom cycle, Mobile data traffic, Measured voice and data traffic, Mobile Data Traffic Forecast, Smartphones drive traffic & revenue, Mobile voice user, Smartphone user, Mobile broadband user, Smarterpipes enabled by IP & Convergence, Reported mobile subscriptions, Verticals in the 50b vision Based on Horizontal Layers, Embedded Modules from Ericsson, Mobile Broadband Module for Notebooks, Embedded 3G in Tablets, Intel anti theft cooperation, Infrastructure ASICS, Cloud Service providers
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Maxims of Tech: Rules of Engagement for a Fast Changing Environment
Infrastructure Innovation
Can the Challenge be met ?

Arpit Joshipura
Vice President, Strategy & communications Ericsson Silicon Valley

Key Messages

Three challenges � 50B devices
(10X scale)

Infrastructure Innovation
� Std technology

Semiconductor Ecosystem
� Focus on 50B
(Std Technology)

� 1000X Traffic

� Solving 1000X ... See more

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