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Moving to LTE

 Keith Mallinson and Adrian Scrase and Hank Kafka
Description: Next generation technology adoption, lifecycles from 1G to 4G, Drivers and barriers to next generation adoption and Outlook for LTE. Mobile Technology Adoption Lifecycles From Launch to Peak Demand, There is a much bigger picture: LTE and LTE-Advanced will enable new services & innovation on a never before seen scale. Annual U.S. retail market value of wirelessly enabled consumer devices estimated to be $39B by 2014. The U.S. has 18% of the worlds 3G subscribers.
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Moderator: Keith Mallinson, Founder, WiseHarbor Speakers: Adrian Scrase, Head of the Mobile Competence Centre, 3GPP Hank Kafka, Vice President � Network Architecture, AT&T

ATIS Webinar: Moving to LTE

Keith Mallinson Founder, WiseHarbor

May 4, 2010
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