A Wireless Market Data Solution

A Wireless Market Data Solution

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White Paper
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White Paper

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Table of Contents

INTRODUCTION...................................................................................................................1 THE MARKETSTREAMTM CONCEPT .................................................................................1 MARKETSTREAM OFFERS:................................................................................................2 USER BENEFITS OF THE MARKETSTREAM SERVICE ..............................................2 SYSTEM ARCHITECTURE ..................................................................................................3 GPRS ........................................................................................................................................3 MARKETSTREAM ON GPRS ..............................................................................................4 MARKETSTREAM MAIN FEATURES ...............................................................................5 BLACKBERRY SPECIFIC CONNECTIVITY ....................................................................6 SETTING UP A BLACKBERRY TO USE THE MARKETSTREAM SERVICE.............7 NOTES ON SECURITY OF MARKETSTREAM WHEN USING THE BLACKBERRY MDS CLIENT ..........................................................................................................................8

White Paper

� 2007 Stockgroup Information Systems Inc


List of Acronyms

White Paper

� 2007 Stockgroup Information Systems Inc


The global financial markets have always been a 24-hour arena, intrinsically interlinked and stopping for no one. Whilst equity and commodity market floors may close, the following day's trading is hugely dependent upon fluctuations in related exchanges. High quality information, instantly available, is key and whilst traders are armed with a suite of desktop software solutions during trading hours, they still require market updates whilst they are away from their desks. For the past 12 years, the staff of Stockgroup have filled this gap in the market by providing a pager based solution which whilst robust, reliable and efficient, had a number of limitation associated with broadcasting data to a wide number of users. And now, utilizing their unparalleled knowledge of the wireless financial data market, Stockgroup has developed a solution that embraces the new opportunities afforded by advances in mobile communications and marries them with the benefits of the pager. Currently operating in the UK and Ireland, Spain, Sweden and Benelux, Stockgroup's Wireless Data Screen has been providing traders with access to a wide range of equity, foreign exchange and fixed income instruments along with prices from all major futures and commodity markets for the past 6 years. Peaking at 15,000 users across Europe, Stockgroup has imported the knowledge gleaned from supplying the world's top financial institutions with time-critical data to produce Stockgroup marketStream. marketStream is a Java client that sits on a wireless device and enables customers to stream market data to their handset in real-time. Rather than use browser based technology, which is both costly and inefficient, the infrastructure of marketStream coupled with the use of GPRS networks creates a reliable service that operates at lower bandwidth making it more cost effective. Furthermore, the added functionality of the software such as intra-day charting, alert setting on the client and simultaneous streaming of news stories from Dow Jones Newswires means users have a comprehensive wireless financial data delivery service.

White Paper

The marketStreamTM concept
marketStream is a wireless market data solution, utilizing state-of-the-art mobile technology to deliver comprehensive real-time financial information to hand-held mobile devices. Subscribers have access to the global market data at their fingertips, wherever they are, whatever they are doing. Through streaming data via GPRS (General Packet Radio Service), marketStream delivers time critical financial information to the user at high speed and can allow users international connectivity via roaming on foreign networks. The user also has a high degree of flexibility in how to display the information, and with respect to the level of detail in which the information is supplied.

� 2007 Stockgroup Information Systems Inc


MarketStream offers:
� � Access to real-time market data from 30 financial exchanges across the globe, covering foreign exchange, treasuries, futures, commodities and equities. Streaming portfolios providing users with a configurable list of stocks, indices and other instruments they wish to follow, presenting price and trading information as it happens in real time, with up to 20 instrument parameters available. Intra-day charting � displaying a combined graphical and statistical view of any selected instrument illustrating, in real time, price movements during present day trading. News service provided by Dow Jones Newswires which enables users to access wide and indepth coverage of European and North American Equity markets, FX, Treasury, Energy, Metals and Commodity sectors and delivers preliminary market comment and confirmed stories as soon as they are published. marketStream enables users to set limit alerts on instruments in their portfolio for an immediate warning of any price changes.

� �

White Paper

marketStream incorporates the most advanced wireless technology to ensure that users receive accurate and constantly updated financial information fast � next to that an essential part in the software design of marketStream is the unique implementation of data compression, resulting in low bandwidth usage, which in turn keeps the subscribers' mobile phone bills at the lowest possible level. The service has been developed for a wide range of mobile platforms and is compatible with Personal Java-enabled devices that are supported by PocketPC and Symbian. marketStream is also compliant with MIDP Java devices, offering identical market updates with the reduced screen interface that these utilize.

User benefits of the MarketStream service
marketStream employs GPRS-based infrastructure, a packet-switching technology superimposed on GSM. With GPRS the user can choose to be "always on" but is only charged for the volume of data sent to him, instead of for the time he is connected, as is the case with conventional circuit switching networks. Due to this "always on" connection, financial data can be streamed to the device in real time, providing the information to the subscriber as soon as it comes available. The users find themselves in a better position to make well-informed trading decisions. The marketStream service can be used on a large array of devices which support Personal Java, for example Compaq's iPaq, the XDA from O2 (or T-Mobile's ODA) and the Sony Ericsson P800/900. MIDP Java mobile phones have a certain restriction in the screen interface, but they do provide all the advantages of the service. Amongst the MIDP handsets currently on the market, we mention the Nokia 6100, 6610 and 7210, the Handspring Treo and the Blackberry J2ME, as supported devices. With the larger colour displays and memory capacity available today in GPRS-enabled devices, subscribers enjoy great ease in using their mobile device, e.g. all price changes, news alerts and limit warnings are highlighted in different colours. These features contribute significantly to the user friendly appearance and operation of the marketStream service. Furthermore, the increased capacity of these handheld devices means that subscribers to marketStream, be they traders, investors, or corporate financiers, need only a single Java-enabled mobile device to carry with them.
2 � 2007 Stockgroup Information Systems Inc

System Architecture
marketStream employs real-time financial exchange data provided by Comstock. This is delivered into the server system over resilient leased lines into two physically, remotely located, servers. Each system has its own database, which is shadowing the streaming of the real time market data to the client. This database also holds the entitlement provisioning for each individual user. This allows for many types and configurations of entitlements that the user may subscribe to. Client portfolios are provisioned on the user's device through the marketStream application and uploaded to the server database to maintain system integrity.

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GPRS is a packet-based technology overlaid on existing GSM infrastructure. Basically two new nodes are introduced into the GSM architecture to handle the packetising of a standard GSM radio channel. The two new nodes are the SGSN (Serving GPRS Support Node), and the GGSN (Gateway GPRS Support Node). This packetising enables more than one user to share the radio resource, and allows the user to become permanently connected by a context. The diagram shows the location of the two new nodes, which allow the user to be permanently connected to IP packet-based services. marketStream is ideal as an application over GPRS compared with that of GSM circuit switched data, WAP, and SMS. The benefits of real time streaming financial data are realized over GPRS as the user is always connected but only pays for the amount of data sent and not for the time of connection. If marketStream operated over GSM circuit switched data then the costs of receiving updates on a portfolio of constantly updating instruments incurred by the user would be prohibitive as they would pay for connection time, rather than bytes received. SMS is only a "store and forward" mechanism, which would provide users with information updates long after they were relevant and at no guaranteed speed, effectively rendering the information useless. WAP does not
3 � 2007 Stockgroup Information Systems Inc

have the capability to display the necessary tables and charts that are essential to the provision of the form of information. Furthermore, GPRS enables fast call set-up � an initial network connection takes normally less than ten seconds - and the fast data throughput and, importantly for users travelling abroad, is available in all major business regions in Europe, the Far East and the United States, with fast expanding coverage worldwide so a subscriber can use marketStream in virtually all developed countries.

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marketStream on GPRS
On start-up, the marketStream client requests a GPRS context to the APN, via the GGSN of the mobile operator in which the user has a subscription � this is set up in the mobile device itself. For marketStream to work, GPRS connectivity has to be set for the WEB access, not WAP. Once the context is active the marketStream client sends an HTTP request to the marketStream server via the Application Dynamic Tunnel. Upon server contact, the user's session ID, language, version, and portfolio of live data are sent to the server. On receipt of these parameters the server is then able to "stream" in real time the required instrument information for display on the mobile. In order to maintain the integrity of the connection a unique user ID tagged heart beat is sent between the client and server every 5 seconds. Unlike browser-based solutions, marketStream only updates those characters within the users list of instruments that have updated, rather than refresh the viewed page as a whole. This is a key reason why the software is able to efficiently update users with real time data and yet reduce their connectivity costs. To prevent users from downloading data beyond their requirements and paying for unnecessary bandwidth usage, subscribers have the option to implement an automatic "time out" function, which will stop their handset receiving data after a defined period of inactivity. This can be set at between 5 minutes and half an hour.
4 � 2007 Stockgroup Information Systems Inc

To ensure subscriber security, customer data is stored only at Stockgroup's server, protected by its corporate firewall. Passwords are never transmitted in plain text, they are subject to encryption checksums at the authentication process, and remain encrypted in the customer database, rendering them immune to compromising by anyone within or outside the hosting organization. The streaming transaction data are encoded by the GSM network before arriving in the handset, but the news headlines and stories are transmitted in plain text.

White Paper

marketStream Main Features
� � Click on any tab to reorganize that portfolio by that category See the streaming intra-day chart and detailed data for any instrument with one click. Arrow icon shows at a glance whether the price is rising or falling. The colour-coded display instantly shows the direction of changes as transactions occur. Cycle through multi configured portfolios' pre-

Customize each page to display the information you need to see.
5 � 2007 Stockgroup Information Systems Inc

Intra-day Chart
marketStream allows for the display the streaming intra-day chart of individual stock, index or instrument. A chart plots the changes in price during the day's trading. All of this is in real time.

marketStream enables users to set limit alerts on instruments tracked in their portfolio so they are instantly aware of important price changes.

Dow Jones News
marketStream also provides users with instrument and sector related news stories provided by Dow Jones, as soon as they are published. News is delivered in one of two ways. Firstly asking for news from the main menu brings up news headlines. Clicking on an individual headline will bring up the full report. The second way is clicking on the news icon shown against the instrument in the stock watch view. This icon appears when new news is received on that particular instrument.

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Blackberry Specific Connectivity
Blackberry WAP --- retail / consumer � � � � Don't have to rely on MDS/BES gateway Mobile operator branded services Unstable for long connection periods Client pull streaming

marketStream server

6 � 2007 Stockgroup Information Systems Inc

Blackberry BES / MDS --- enterprise / corporate � � � Configure with BES TCP/IP sockets � increased reliability Richer client & functionality

White Paper

marketStream server

Setting up a BlackBerry to use the marketStream service
BES setup
1. No marketStream software is installed on the BlackBerry Enterprise Server (BES) 2. On the BES system you need to do a minimal amount of configuration to allow the system to see the marketStream server: a. Ensure that the two ports used by marketStream (8968 and 8969) are enabled for outgoing connection to the IP address of the marketStream server ( b. To be secure, you limit the connection to outgoing for those ports on just that IP address. It is a private connection between the marketStream server and the BES/MDS. Before any data is sent an authenticated session is established.

7 � 2007 Stockgroup Information Systems Inc

By using RIM's MDS (Mobile Data Service), the BlackBerry establishes a secure connection between itself and the BES/MDS. By limiting the port access to outgoing, only requests initiated from the BlackBerry get serviced. The marketStream server itself never initiates requests and it uses an authenticated channel to stream the market data.
3. You also need to register every BlackBerry that wishes to use the marketStream service with the BES. If you can already send/receive email using the BlackBerry this will have already been done. For further information about this please see RIM's documentation. 4. Ensure that MDS (Mobile Data Service) is enabled for each BlackBerry's BES account. 5. To improve the quality of streaming, we recommend that you modify the configuration of the BES MDS, as follows:

White Paper

From the BES management console, select the BlackBerry enterprise server. a. Right click to bring up the options and select the Mobile Data Service Properties from the list (usually the second option). b. The general tab of the resulting MDS Properties dialog has a section at the bottom entitled "Flow control". The first option in this section is called "Maximum number of kilobytes per connection" which, by default, is set to 128. It is recommended that this limit be increased to 1024 (the maximum allowed).

BlackBerry setup
1. Download and install the marketStream client software on your BlackBerry: a. Download the archive from the location that Stockgroup have advised. b. Extract the appropriate files from the archive and point the BlackBerry Desktop Software at the extracted directory - you will need at least version 3.6 of the Desktop Software. c. If there are problems with uploading the application, use the msInstall.bat file in the extracted directory and follow the on-screen instructions. 2. Get a username and password for marketStream from Stockgroup. 3. Run the marketStream Application.

Notes on Security of marketStream When Using the BlackBerry MDS Client
marketStream Configuration
The marketStream software is in two parts: the Server and the Client.

8 � 2007 Stockgroup Information Systems Inc

The Server runs on specified non-standard ports on hardware in a secure environment (both physically and behind a firewall) under the control of Stockgroup. The Client runs on the BlackBerry handheld device. The Client communicates with the Server using standard HTTP protocol using the standard BlackBerry transport layer.

BlackBerry MDS Configuration
The BlackBerry handheld device requires to be registered with a BlackBerry Enterprise Server (BES). This registration process establishes a Triple DES encrypted path between the Handheld and the BES over which ALL data communication between the Handheld and anything else takes place.

White Paper

The BlackBerry Mobile Data Service (MDS) is a mechanism for transferring general data (as opposed to Email and other special BlackBerry data services) to and from the Handheld. The BES is typically resident on the internal network (i.e. behind a firewall) of the company whose staff are using BlackBerry handhelds.

BlackBerry Security
Data transferred between the BES and the Handheld is secure, being Triple DES encrypted. The BlackBerry handheld MUST be registered with a BES in order to function. The BES administrator can control whether the Handheld is useable � there are a number of IT Policies which have to be set to enable the Handheld to do anything. So, in the event that the device is lost or stolen the administrator can stop it being used. The Handheld checks in with the BES each time that it is switched on. There is a good overview of Blackberry Security at http://www.blackberry.com/products/software/server/exchange/security.shtml. This page also has links to several other white papers on BlackBerry security.

9 � 2007 Stockgroup Information Systems Inc

White Paper

10 � 2007 Stockgroup Information Systems Inc