Making Small Business Grow

Making Small Business Grow

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Description: The future in communications is to mobilize applications in order to achieve Ubiquity. Mobility makes Business more Competitive. Mobile Data Technology benefits: devices that provide efficient access & communication applications personalized to individual needs.

Software and device players recognize the potential of mobile email. Consumer demand for mobile broadband services reaches critical mass, 50% of the EU population will access the internet through broadband on their mobile phones by 2012.

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Making Small Business Grow: Grabbing the IT Opportunities

Kurt Camilleri

The future in communications is to mobilize applications in order to achieve UBIQUITY.

Mobility makes Business more Competitive

Employee Productivity Process Optimization

INNOVATION (revenues)
New Products New Services

IT Adoption in Small to Medium Business
OWNER / MANAGER CHARACTERISTICS Perceived benefits Computer literacy Assertiveness Perceived control Subjective norm



FIRM CHARACTERISTICS Organisational readiness External pressure to adopt Customer / supplier dependency Structural sophistication of the firm Size, sector, status Information Intensity
Source: Mobile Data Technologies & SME Adoption & Diffusion, van Akkeren J, Harker D

Mobile Data Technology benefits
Clearly understood propositions that have real business benefits...
Easy Communication through Email
Real-time email, live synchronisation of Outlook calendar, contacts & tasks with your mobile

Ready Access to Information
Reading news, stock quotes, remote access of home & business sites, real-time order processing

Improved Lifestyle
E-commerce, home banking, making purchases on a device that you feel comfortable with

Music, videos and much more

... devices that provide efficient access & communication applications personalized to individual needs.


Mobile Email


I want to carry a single

device that combines email and a phone along with messaging and the web.


If it had Windows Mobile, then I could run the applications I need, like Mobile Word, Excel, and PowerPoint. That would give me time to get more out of life. It's got to be easy

to use -- and a

fast network wouldn't hurt, either


e typ oto Pr

Slide 6 pI2 Not sure the female picture reinforces target consumer.... I'd have young male or female in more of a work type setting
palmOne, Inc., 09/06/2007

Mobile Email
Mobile Email Device Penetration, Western Europe, 2003-2009, %

� Software and device players recognise the potential of mobile email:
92% 88% 95%

82% 72%

� Microsoft, licensed its email technology to rival Symbian in March 2005, enabling Symbian devices to send and receive emails from accounts managed by MS Exchange � GOOGLE is introducing a custom version of its Gmail email service that can run on any phone with Java software � Nokia offers Intellisync Wireless Email for a wide range of devices � Motorola has announced it plans to acquire mobile email provider Good Technology

56% Email-supported device penetration 36%








Source: Cap Gemini: "Trends in Mobile Data Business", November 2006

Mobile Broadband

Get access to the Internet anytime, anywhere enabling you to work online when you are outside the office Access 3G Broadband by plugging modem in USB slot of your computer Award-winning USB Modem, designed for users of computers, laptops and Apple MacBooks

Mobile Broadband Growth
"As consumer demand for mobile broadband services reaches critical mass ... expect that 50 percent of the European population will access the internet through broadband on their mobile phones by 2012."
Seventh annual research report, Exane BNP Paribas and Arthur D. Little.

"As at the end of the first quarter of 2008 there were around 1.71 million users in Portugal with mobile Internet access and around 1.58 million fixed internet accesses ... for the first time the number of mobile broadband users surpassed the number of fixed broadband customers." "In Mauritius and South Africa, 3G subscribers already outnumber fixed broadband subscribers... Vodacom reported that over 10 per cent of its 3G subscribers used data cards for connections to laptops."

Machine-to-machine (M2M) applications
Vehicle Tracking Fleet management
These services enable fleet location tracking, arrival status updates, vehicle diagnostic data such as fuel status, delays and/or stops

Point of Sale & Order Processing

Order processing & credit card payments
The portability of the solution widens the scope to redefine point-of-sale locations e.g. couriers & taxis are some of the possible new locations for processing payments by credit cards

Remote Monitoring & Surveillance

Remote monitoring and surveillance systems
Keeping tracking of status and progress of projects in real-time and managing the security of property and assets

Automatic Meter Reading (AMR)

Automated Meter Reding
AMR enables remote reading of energy meters through wireless communications enabling demand forecasting and supply based on ongoing consumption monitoring

Your mobile device as a Productivity Tool
CHANGE THE MINDSET � from communications appliance to information appliance ... treat mobile phones as part of your IT estate.

STRETCH THE BOUNDARIES � mobile phones are a great productivity tool now that applications have been extended. Deliver upside to your business.

INNOVATE � empower IT units to experiment with mobile phones in similar ways to servers and PC software. Early adoption often leads to innovation.

GET SOLUTIONS � engage mobile operators as business partners and systems integrators.

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