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 ali shah
People who are running companies and are interested in promoting their company by sending out bulk emails to a lot of people do not need to waste time by sending it themselves. They can just use the bulk email software, Flashfindmail in order to do the same.

Flashfindmail is a professional bulk email software that can send bulk emails for companies. It can also locate the right email addresses for the company so that they are not just blindly sending out emails to people. This is a software that can extract bulk email addresses for a company and send out emails for them.

It is really important for a company to reach out to people, contact them through emails in order to make their marketing strategy and their whole business a success. But it would be impossible for a person to sit down and send out those emails all on their own. That would take up a large amount of time of the personnel and for no huge end. Instead of wasting the time and efforts of the persons working at the office, one could just make use of the bulk email software to get their work done.

Flashfindmail has launched the 123 Bulk Email Sender, which sends bulk mail at high speed. This is a direct sender program that will be able to send plain emails, do targeted marketing or even send newsletters to customers. One will not need any blind relays any more, for they are really unreliable. The mailer, now, will be sending out the emails in MX mode. In fact, the speed of this process is so high that one can realistically expect to send around 50000 emails in one hour.

The port 25 Bulk Email software has a lot of benefits. It can send without an SMTP server. It will just bypass the ISP mail server, look up the email's mail exchange server and directly send the email to the recipient. The fast email sender application can also bulk email software conduct some multi thread delivery. This makes it really easy for a person to send a lot of emails in a little time, which makes the marketing widespread and yet, targeted. One will also be able to attach anything they want to the email!

Those interested in learning flashfindmail more about the company can contact the website through

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