Yahoo Rolls Out New Look Yahoo Mail Pro With Improved Features

 Kate Willson

8 Oct 2017, California – In a bid to regain the lost credibility and some glory, Yahoo is rolling out new look Yahoo Mail Pro version with vastly improved features. Of late, there has been a lot of speculation about Yahoo coming up with a better and efficient product, with the aim to re-earn the trust of the users, who have long since stopped using its services. This statement holds some element of truth and with the Yahoo pro; one can certainly expect something more ideal.

The basic objective seems very clear- providing the users with a mail platform that is not only secure but also dynamic and loaded with exceptional features. It took some time, but the new Yahoo email update was certainly on the cards. Some of the fresh new features included are as follows:-

1. Minimal design to enhance the user experience.

2. More space in between UI elements.

3. UI can customize with different themes and layouts.

4.Also, comes with a new set of emojis.

Monica Denise, a resident of New York, who did test the Yahoo Mail Pro, has to say this: “My initial reaction was “WOW”. The new look Yahoo mail pro had all the elements and the design was a quantum leap ahead from that of its predecessor. It almost gives the feel of Yahoo premium email, which I found quite fascinating. There is definitely an urge to provide the users with something genuine and this is really a good sign. From the user’s perspective, I didn’t find anything amiss or out of place. Although I used the email for a short-term period, the experience itself was enthralling. A big thumbs up from my side.”

With Yahoo new mail version, there is a lot more for the day to day users. Now, one can keep a tab on the attachments sent or received and label the same appropriately. The Yahoo mail pro will have no ads and it also comes at a cheaper price. Besides, the better light sensitivity and Voice-over screen reader compatibility included is exclusively meant for those with low vision and have problems with hearing.

Judging by the interest shown by most of the people, it does seem that the Yahoo pro is here to stay. But it also depends on how much Yahoo is willing to bend for the sake of the regular and new users. Until then, one can try the Yahoo mail pro version, as per their need and preferences.

Troubleshooting Yahoo related issues

Until now, Yahoo mail had certain issues, which are annoying and capable of restricting the user from using the platform. In case, the user is not in a position to fix the issue, there are third-party tech support providers, who can be reached by using the Yahoo customer service number. This independent number is active round the clock and can be utilized for any Yahoo related queries at any point of time. By getting an expert, the users stand to fix the problematic issues without facing too many hurdles.

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