3T Software Labs acquires Robomongo, the most widely used MongoDB tool

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Deal demonstrates growing importance of NoSQL databases to Big Data and enterprise strategy

BERLIN, GERMANY – 14 March, 20173T Software Labs, makers of Studio 3T (https://studio3t.com/), today announced that it has acquired Robomongo, the leading open source MongoDB tool, from its original developers Paralect. This will enable it to better serve the fast-expanding market as more and more enterprises work with the MongoDB database, particularly on strategic projects involving unstructured information and Big Data.

The combination of Robomongo and Studio 3T (formerly called MongoChef), the best selling development environment for MongoDB professionals, means the company can now offer a complete range of tools for professionals and enthusiasts working with MongoDB, whatever the level of their project and whatever the platform, whether Windows, Linux or Mac. 3T will continue to support all existing Robomongo users, both free and paid for, and is committed to developing both tools in parallel.

Over 100,000 developers and database administrators from companies of all sizes, including Pirelli, Tesla Motors, Microsoft, Nike and T-Mobile, use Studio 3T to manage and develop their MongoDB projects, while over 50,000 copies of the free Robomongo tool are downloaded every month, making it the leading choice for the open source community.

3T Software Labs (named after the three founders Thomas Zahn, Tomasz Naumowicz and Graham Thomson) has been developing Studio 3T since 2013, the same year that Paralect launched Robomongo.

“We’re seeing tremendous growth in the MongoDB market, as more and more organisations invest in NoSQL database projects,” said Tomasz Naumowicz, co-founder of 3T Software Labs. “We’ve long admired Robomongo’s innovation and success, and by acquiring the tool we can ensure it grows to meet its full potential. Having the leading commercial and open source MongoDB tools under the same roof will help accelerate the progress of the overall ecosystem, benefiting everyone involved. Most of our professional users start out as enthusiasts on Robomongo so developing the tools in parallel will make that transition a lot easier.”

Users of Robomongo will not see any immediate changes to the tool. However, as previously announced by Paralect, Robomongo will shortly undergo a name change, purely for trademark reasons unrelated to the acquisition.

Will Shulman, CEO at Database-as-a-Service provider, mLab, welcomed the acquisition, “mLab now hosts half a million MongoDB deployments in the cloud. The MongoDB market is growing rapidly and maturing - the Robomongo acquisition by Studio 3T points directly to the growing commercial maturity of the ecosystem."

“3T Software Labs is the perfect partner to move forward with Robomongo,” said Dmitry Schetnikovich, Paralect. “Given the success of Robomongo and the support it has received from the open source community across the world we wanted to ensure that it had the resources and leadership to develop further. We’ve known the guys at 3T for over two years and get on really well with them. I trust them to do the right thing for the community, making them the natural choice for the next stage of Robomongo’s development.”

3T’s Studio 3T provides a powerful, reliable, secure and easy-to-use graphical development environment for mission-critical MongoDB projects, backed by responsive, high quality support. Built by professionals, for professionals.

Robomongo is a modern, robust and community driven GUI for MongoDB. Available on Windows, Mac OS and Linux it is a fast, easy to use application, incorporating a wide range of essential features.

The financial terms of the agreement have not been disclosed. The existing team of Paralect developers will work together with 3T’s experienced development team for the next 12 months to ensure a smooth handover for Robomongo.

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