Inoapps Challenges On Premises Status Quo With ‘33% Or For Free’ Oracle MSP Offer

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 667 Oracle Managed Service Provider (MSP) Inoapps ( is guaranteeing Oracle on-premises technology and applications customers significant operational cost reductions by moving their infrastructure to the Oracle Cloud. Subject to an eligibility test, Inoapps’ ‘33% Saving or for Free’ offer guarantees the customer savings of at least 33% when compared to their current costs. If the savings provided excluding migration costs don’t meet this target, then Inoapps will run their Oracle customers’ Oracle Workloads completely for free for a period of six months when the user enters in to a 3 or 5 year agreement.

To ensure maximum savings, the new offer wraps everything customers require in one comprehensive solution, including Compute capacity, storage, power, cooling and data center space.

Under the terms of the scheme, users will be guided through 6 main stages that reduces all risks to the customer:

  • Initial Eligibility Assessment: You will complete an assessment form to capture your current set-up details, as-is design and costings.
  • Survey / Audit: Once eligibility is confirmed, an Inoapps architect will complete your to-be solution and service design.
  • Contract Agreement: Inoapps will enter into a contract with success criteria and break clauses at steps 4 and 5.
  • Proof of Concept (POC): Inoapps will migrate a single non-production environment for a POC measured against the success criteria.
  • Non-Production Ready: Inoapps migrate all non-production environments and non-production support commences.
  • Production Ready: Inoapps migrate all production environments and production support commences.

According to Andy Bird, CEO of Inoapps, “There are significant numbers of Oracle on-premises customers who could exploit the savings available from moving to a modern Managed Service infrastructure in the Cloud, but who need a risk free path to making the transition. Our offer achieves this and more than just a traditional shift to Infrastructure as a Service (IaaS). With Inoapps, users can now readily buy and deploy Oracle Cloud infrastructure anywhere in the world, wrapped up in a full Inoapps MSP solution. We offer everything needed to migrate, modernise and manage their Oracle workloads. And we are so confident of making significant savings that we guarantee to reduce the customer’s overall costs by 33%, or we will run their Oracle workloads for free. For the user there is no risk, just savings.”

The ‘33% or For Free’ scheme is aimed at companies at all sizes. Inoapps is one of only a handful of Oracle MSP Partners with a truly global reach able to deliver global support and migration services 24 hours a day, 7 days a week, 365 days a year, through its offices across EMEA, the USA and ASEAN territories.

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