AvanZer launches next generation cost-effective workflow solution to transform corporate processes

 Liz Hartney

AvanZer has launched an advanced, cost-effective enterprise workflow solution that enables organisations to create a complete repository for all work-based processes to eliminate expensive and slow paper-based systems cost-effectively.

AvanZer automates paper-based processes and provides a complete repository for all corporate processes – such as policies, requests and procedures – to reduce paper-based form approval from days to a matter of minutes. AvanZer provides an intuitive and incredibly easy to use interface which means that even non-technical staff can create complex, new electronic forms to support critical business needs. The solution is fully compatible with the latest PDAs and hand-held computers for remote approval.

AvanZer is a highly powerful enterprise workflow tool that provides sophisticated functionality that matches many of the leading workflow solutions on the market at a fraction of the price. The system means companies have complete electronic workflow for all documents – from creation to publication – around the enterprise underpinned by strong security and authentication features – only the right people see, revise and approve the right documents or constituent components. Compared with rival solutions, that can take months to configure and install, AvanZer is fully installed and live in only days.

“AvanZer provides advanced workflow tool creation and automation processes without the necessary expense. A key benefit is that AvanZer can be simply installed, embedded into a company’s IT systems and fully utilisable for staff with simple training, inside three days. Leading rivals, for instance, require another component to allow forms creation, which can cost up to £20,000 in licensing and consultants costs and take months to get up and running,” comments Alan Clarke from AvanZer.

Organisations utilising AvanZer have experienced significant business benefits by eliminating inefficient paper processes, automating repetitive tasks and providing a complete audit trail for policies or tasks that travel across the organisation. As non-technical personnel can quickly and easily create comprehensive electronic workflow forms, AvanZer puts the process owners – not the IT department – in control. This intuitive approach means that paper-based forms can finally be eliminated and every department can experience the benefits of automating administrative processes.

AvanZer provides a comprehensive range of functionality including: sending documents for electronic review and approval; automating and tracking repetitive tasks; reminders and escalations for task assignments and electronic support forms; comprehensive report tools for any task; and search and retrieval across all forms, processes and policies. The workflow solution is ideal for compliance requirements – such as Sarbanes Oxley / IS0.

“AvanZer empowers customers to quickly identify and eliminate labour intensive paper-based processes to reduce approval times from days to minutes. Its flexibility means that it benefits every function within an organisation. Some departments – such as HR – find the technology indispensable because they can now automate complex tasks and have a real-time, single view on business processes that were formerly fragmented,” says Alan Clarke from AvanZer.

AvanZer is based at: 31 St Petersburgh Place, London W2 4LA. Telephone: 0207-853-2270. Email: sales@avanzer.com


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