FCI’s New SAS Plug Connectors Boost I/O Performance in SSD 6 Gb/s Apps

 Zac Linton
GP9_1279660001_1.jpg FCI's SAS Connector

FCI, a leading manufacturer of connectors and interconnect systems, has expanded its range of SAS connectors for its storage business line with the development of 29-position SAS connectors for the Solid State Drive (SSD) industry. The new connectors are a higher-performance I/O option for SSD applications that require 6 Gb/s data speed.

“The newest SAS connectors for SSD were a natural expansion of our proven SAS line and were developed in response to our many customers who were adopting SSD in their enterprise/server applications due to its high performance, high reliability, and low energy consumption,” said FCI’s Regional Business Development Manager Eric Tng.

FCI’s SAS product range for SSD complies with the SAS 2.1 specification in terms of mating interface, performance and signal integrity (SI). SI performance is verified to reach 6 Gb/s data speed, but FCI has also supported one SSD customer in connector development to achieve an even higher data speed requirement.

The SAS connectors are designed to support hot-plugging and blind-mating of SSDS, with molded guide posts providing angled lead-in to compensate for misalignment.

The SAS connectors for SSD are available in various mating heights and offer two different mounting methods – SMT retainers or forklock design. SMT mounting enables process automation during board population, which is further simplified with the orientation molded posts. The mating interface orientation is per current orientation used in SSD.

The SAS connectors can also be utilized for interposer / adapter applications in enterprise servers.

For more information on the SAS connectors for SSD applications, visit FCI on the web at www.fciconnect.com/sas or contact FCI at 825 Old Trail Road, Etters, PA 17319-7883; call 800-237-2374; or email at electronics.us@fci.com.

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