Photography Studio Hire The Ideal Spot for your Next Shoot

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Photography studio hire is one of the most practical and popular options if you need the ideal spot for your next shoot or pictorial. The great news for amateur and professional photographers is that you can find high-quality studios with complete facilities and equipment to match your budget. Dragon Image delivers the best rental services to help you come up with your next photography masterpiece.

What to expect in Photography Studio Hire

Renting a photography studio is worth every dollar because you can enjoy access to the ideal location and equipment, based on your specified needs and requirements. You can list down all your preferred equipment and studio amenities upon confirming your booking. Photography studio hire features depend on your budget and skill level.

Here are some of the inclusive kits and studio amenities in a basic studio rental package:



Fluoro Lights





Audio equipment




Photography studio hire is a foolproof investment if you want to make sure that your next shoot is a huge success without the hassle of finding the right place for your production. Contact Dragon Image and see why it is better to hire a professional photography studio today!

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